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dartmouth-makers-marketHello! My name is Diana and I’m obsessed with sweets. Particularly cookies. Surprised?

I started this little cookie biz in 2012 after I graduated university with a Psychology degree. Not exactly the same field, I know… 😉

I’ve always loved baking and learned from my mother growing up (thanks, mom). Bicycles are something I became interested in later in life. I always thought that the only bicycle you could get was a mountain bike from Canadian Tire. Then one day I discovered bicycle blogs, aimed at women! That’s right. Women writing about their wonderful experiences traveling by bicycle for much of their daily life. I saw how beautiful bikes could be and I was hooked!

When I was in university, I baked all the time. For myself, for my friends… but mostly for myself. Got a craving? Just whip up a batch of cookies! Upon leaving university, I was still confused about what I really wanted to do with my life. I decided to combine two of my favourite activities: baking and riding my bicycle.

I was already interested in the local food scene and wanted to try to support as many local businesses as possible. Why? One: it’s a great way to keep your dollars in your community and two: the food found here is FREAKIN’ DELICIOUS! It’s wonderful to be able to talk directly to the people who produce the food you eat. The products I use make for the best baking and I know you’ll taste the difference in my cookies.

Some of the ingredients I source from local businesses include: